Brian  Gorman
Brian is a senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and is currently based in Charlotte, NC. Originally from the Boston area, Brian earned his degree from the University of Richmond where he studied Business Administration and Political Science. As a licensed CPA, Brian’s career has been based in the areas of accounting and consulting, having served a number of multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies across the country and internationally. For the last 12 years with the firm he has specialized in financial audits, risk management, and regulatory compliance. In addition to public companies, Brian’s clients have included government agencies, private equity funds, and the Federal Reserve banking system; he has also served a number of not-for-profit organizations, generally on a pro-bono basis, for which he holds a special interest and affection.

Prior to coming to North Carolina in 2016, Brian completed a multi-year tour of duty at PwC’s National Office, where he was a consultant in the firm’s securities regulation practice, specializing in public filings for market transactions and initial public offerings. While on tour, and throughout his career, Brian has been a leader in PwC’s primary philanthropy which is a youth education initiative called Earn Your Future. The focus of this initiative is to develop not only the financial acumen of the youth in our communities, but also challenge them to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, the skills needed for those jobs, and the social issues to be solved through their talents. Brian’s involvement as a coordinator of this initiative has included helping design and lead classroom programs for at-risk children, particularly around the concepts of basic finance and economics. In Charlotte, PwC’s Earn Your Future initiative is particularly centered around literacy development and coaching for underperforming children.