Herb Clinton
Herb Clinton serves as Chair of the Board. As a former Director of Special Projects for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Herb became a strong advocate for at-risk youth when a young man he mentored was murdered due to gang violence. With an ignited passion towards helping youths, Herb created a partnership with the Workforce Investment Act that led to the development of a leadership training program for at-risk youths. Through participation in the program, youths learned useful skills including employment and leadership skills. The program was implemented in two counties located in Eastern North Carolina.

A native of Maryland, Herb currently lives in Concord, North Carolina with his wife of 9 years and their 3 children. He has his Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from North Carolina Wesleyan College and currently works as a Juvenile Court Counselor with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Over the years, Herb has worked to ensure the highest possible quality of service is provided to youths. As a result, Herb has served in several capacities to assist at-risk youth ranging from an EC Teacher to a Juvenile Justice Officer.