developing the whole child 

Arising Youth International is committed to helping underprivileged youth use their strength and resilience to create a better future. Through our programs, we connect youths with community resources and support to help create environments in which they can reach their full potential.

Youth Education Sponsorship Program

Creative Expressions Program

Youth Leadership Programs​

The AYI Performing Arts Program uses performing arts as a vehicle to drive personal development.  Through dramatic performances, we bring attention to personal responsibility and awareness to societal issues including AIDS/HIV, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and the roll of education in achieving a brighter future. 
Youth Education Sponsorship (YES) provides support for individual students by connecting willing sponsors to disadvantaged youths. Sponsorship provides financial assistance to students who are at risk of dropping out of school due to financial hardship imposed by the financial state of the family.  Along with tuition sponsorship, YES will assist in providing school clothing to underprivileged youths and orphans in the communities we serve.  

Our Cultural Exchange Program and Student Board Program offer opportunities for youths to work along with us in promoting global citizenship while developing essential leadership skills. Youths learn how to effectively lead; how to influence the opinions of others w hile serving as role models; how to examine pertinent societal issues in order to inspire positive change. ​
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