How are students selected for sponsorship? 

​​"A child without an education is like a bird without wings." 

-Tibetan quote

How much does it cost to sponsor a student? 
Patrons sponsor students by choosing a donor level which matches the cost of education for 1 student per year​.  The following are our sponsorship options: Voice of Change Sponsorship, Student of Promise, Future Leaders and Higher Learning. 

  • Student of Promise-$440 USD  and pays for educational expenses and boarding for one “street boy” age 6-13 attending primary school. 
  • Future Leaders-$715 and covers educational expenses for one student in secondary school. ​​​​
  • Higher Learning Sponsorship​-$1000 USD pays for educational expenses for a student attending college or university.
What if I can't afford to sponsor a student but still want to help?  
Partrons who cannot commit to paying educational expenses for an entire year, can choose the option of providing partial sponsorship by paying $180 or $15 per month.  Simply select partial sponsorship on the form and where you want your donation applied (Voice of Change, Student of Promise, Future of Leaders, Higher Learning). 

How long is the committment?
Each of sponsor is asked to commit to at least one year of support to ensure that students are provided a solid education that can be used as a tool to move forward in life with the exception of partial sponsors who a committed to a specific monetary amount instead.  
How do I make my payment?
Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations and Businesses can become sponsors by completing an application for sponsorship and rendering payment. Sponsorships can be made by a one-time payment, 3 quarterly installments or 12 monthly installments made over a period of one year. Funds are distributed to school three times a year. The following forms of payments are accepted: major credit card, debit card, cash or check.  

Does the money go directly to the student?
Sponsorship awards are not paid directly to awardees.  Funds are deposited into an account until a qualified recipient is identified. Afterwards, we distribute the funds for tuition directly to the school then assist the student with purchasing uniforms and textbooks with the remaining funds.   

Can I communicate with the student I am sponsoring?
Sponsor will periodically receive information and photos from his/her student including academic progress evidenced by Quarterly Report Card and Annual Progress Report. Continued relationship development and sponsorship is encouraged. Satisfied sponsors will be offered an opportunity to continue support and the end of each school year. 

To protect the children’s safety and privacy, personal letters from sponsors to the students or vice versa are managed by the YES Program.